Not Just Every Day

Come on come here outside and upward
Mostly visible almost touchable
Trailing down from too high in the sky
To know where from too high to see
And trailing down like long melodies
Extended descending and chromatic
Trailing down like flowers on the fence
Stems and strings and vines curled
They are blessings and lessons given
From heaven to the world to anyone
Willing to hear the horns the chorus
Willing to recite the magic words
Willing to stand on river feet
And reach up with cirrus hands
Arms and fingers trailing upward
Extended and ascending and melodic
Brushing against and imagining through
The gray of everyday memory’s mist
Past the past and putting a big hole
In the veil of today trailing down
With the vibe of cloud and star
With the wind of voice and guitar
Blessings lessons blessings lessons.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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