Thanks Music

She mumbles to me to come over
I do sauntering with dumb smile
so many surfaces to be explored
a towering church a tiled mosque
all prepositions in a chord.

The notes lead and follow both
the waft and weft conspire with
the walk around the neighborhood
seeing how haunted it is alors
revenant a la maison je chante.

Balm in the days and disconnected
noches de espera y perdida
I am here with you I am untapped
one out of one thousand romps
in the chorus confidence sings.

Unprecedented and unconscious
ninguna nunca mantra
in no language but the barest
the undone and underdeveloped
from the tapped fancy springing.

All the waves in the world under
my power abstract and plundered
instant or sage at a time leading
to ghostly variant narrative fleeting
go all ways without espousing.

My hands are sentient unwitting
themes evaporating then shedding
strains complaining and acclaiming
beaucoup de presages dans un bol
how otherwise to hold it all?

Take it away and withering
sets in descending over the skin
landing and sinking quickly ashen
recklessly through pores kicking
back at silence so dispassionate.

Almost underwater I breathe deep
left alone I mouth counted sheep
the pick of the latter then au revoir
the cookie jar émerveillement de loin
in place of all food or water.

Two surfaces together crash
with delicate controlled departure
the soundtrack of addict audacious
hours of spacious architectures
entre deux poumons et lèvres
between two lungs and lips.


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