Back and Forth Blame

What is to blame for the sweet pickle we are stuck in?
What are the reasons for our never having struck out?
Out of all the mud puddles we could’ve dirtied up,
how was ours not messed up by doubt?

Blame the classroom where you sat in front of me,
blame the Halloween when you made fun of me.
Maybe it’s partly the fault
of the way these two hearts
made such harmony.

What should we blame for our libidinous bliss?
Was it the very first or is it today’s kiss?
How can you and I two such outcasts
outlast the odds against taking this risk?

Blame how your clothes fit and what that implies,
blame my steely eyes for being so magnetized.
The quick and long history
of avoiding any chastity
has us quite harmonized.

Was it the traveling, or was it the children?
Or the fertile foundation of simple livin?
Could’ve been the sweet tooth or some other addiction
that drove us as far as we’ve been driven.

I will blame you
you can blame me
whether we agree or not.


About mrsorenson

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