Messages Mixed and Dirty

I loved and I hated
the body of one was the soul of the other.
The name of the tainted
game is trying to be everything at once.

The sweet and the sour
bite of the first and a sip of the second.
It makes life life
both here and in heaven.

makes bourbon out of whisky.
A yeast injection
quickly gets the bread dough to rise.

Invisible air
fills the lungs and makes you hack.
Glass of cheer
prevents both thinking and heart attack.

Don’t say I must
unless you want me to rebel
don’t compel me
unless you want a mess from hell.

In the olden days
you lied politely without remorse.
These days you cuss
like a sailor to make civil discourse.

My mother used to
say don’t say nothing bad.
Her life was not
as unadulterated as that.

Cold and warm
on a winter’s night with you
in my arms.
That’s what mixed messages do.


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