Will the Driver

[from 2010]

Almost hit a tree almost missed a ditch
the road swerves but will the driver
can’t make time it is too far ahead
too far to see
too far to feel.

Eating and drinking out of the passenger seat
he lectures his eyeballs they glaze over
a night in a sleeping bag is in his future
no cure like a tank
of mental gas.

Been on this highway headed somewhere
where he does not know but straight ahead
is the direction people need to go
to get somewhere
to get out.

Grew up two hands on the wheel of the mind
promising the promised land the windshield
not as clean and clear as it was back home
back out west
when he left.

This song about driving is out of place
he doesn’t drive any more now and has not
since the road swerved and he did not
head in the pillow
hands on the wheel
get out
go somewhere
too far to see
too far to feel.


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