In the South We Are Northerners

In the south we are northerners
in the north we are westerners
we are in the middle where right
to the left of just is must.

Our wallets are thin in the big city
fat as a hog in tall corn country
we can spend as much or as little
as it takes because in god we trust.

In the river we hike in winter
on the highways we tailgate all fall
spring and summer busy working
installing brains where there was only rust.

We are the amblers the loiterers
we are the simpletons the penshioners
we forgive where there is no leeway
holding up the law with handstands
we will survive if nobody does
the labor the god of the weekend commands.

Walk past churches and hear the organs
in our throats gather the ochers of autumn
dazzling the holy ghost in us we
the gourmets among the ascetics.


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