Young Man Old Man

Can a young man hold his tongue
when he thinks of something to say
can a young man admit he was wrong
or must he always have his way?

The bare back the rabbit’s foot
the bare back the rabbit’s foot.

Curse and blessing of thinking younger
theories are spun like sticky webs
all senses driven by brain hunger
can the young turn shells to eggs?

The white flame the negrated soot.
the clear flame the blackened soot.

Can a young man wait his turn
or give it up just for a favor
must a young man’s furnace burn
to consume the fruits of his labor?

Does an old man give up too soon
without his glasses
Will an old man make a little room
for a little chaos?

Fingers wrinkle around morning coffee
fingers wrinkle around morning coffee.

Can an old man be silly and still
be taken seriously
Is anything over the hill
more than intimacy?

Change like the red sea parts then
closes upon him and pharoah’s men.

Does an old man think too much
about his own sensations
will the end of his story be blown
out of all proportions?

A short hug a polite goodbye
a long hug the right goodbye.


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