Venus preventar
of all change
and meant meaning
by means of
war and hunting and love.

The nearly heavenly sputtering
came out
wrong and cute and splitting
I go after them.

A star
stayed there
if it is mine then
can I
where my star and I
agreed it should be
every time?

The started start
the starred star
my fluffy effort
left on lips like
uncooked egggs
beat but
full of fight.

I started
raising my children but overcome
as I am now by the start turned
heartless they will have to
finish themselves.

One night began
it was a poem
and a letter
and a career
and a slack-palmed
of tucked together ends
and the night was
a mistake.

It came over me suddenly
the planner poet slowly
the visionary tax-collector
one foot forward.

I started and started some
then left most started
handwaved penciled
black in cloudy stencil
I began the best when it was
before left
skeletal or
bereft by my leaving your
haircut half cut
the argument arghed
gnawing now.

She came she and I
left and again began
I and i not hardly agreeing
left and again began
with more
to the story
to write
in the story.

A fitful poem
about unfinished
starts can never be
can it
hiccuped and another

I make
on this page
this bed
tugging one side
and the dependent side


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