The Deepest Disease

We love
dancing in grammar with
no plans for finishing any narrative
We are willing to jump in bed with a
resolute lack of repentence from
taking as long as we gotta take to write
something right and wrong as us.

After the hard work lets go
time will surrender to the now
knowing absolutely nothing about
its fancifully slow flow.

Start a marriage in a fit
after many years we still
can’t wait.
Alternate between long days
and the minutes succumbing to
the deepest disease.

Soft in the neck and remiss
hardly adhering to promises
masterminding out the plentiful
ways of deepening our disease.

We love
balancing with and without looking
down at the continent below
rope pulled tight between cloud and
lightning placing a tender foot
in front of every other one
picking out the right
tossing down the wrong
into the past.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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