Where disparities meet the air is shrunk
edge of the orchard skin of apple bound
how the irrigation is parceled and sunk
incepts shape and color from the ground.

Arm is arm as dictated by the finger
the food fed and drink drunk speak
the language of all members reassembled
as neatly fixed as a poke that takes a peek.

You and I make you and I work
to maintain the dualistic consonance
the labor of cutting apart and sewing back
in just-so ways is a couple’s competence.

An image made of the smell of law
holds together how the organs grow
the conduiting of the flocking-in
of the rules the wires the shuffled flow.

The lamp is lit by drop of stubborn dew
just so heraven gives birth and is born
by spit and scissor acting on the earth
in formula to which even tongues are sworn.


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