Names Named Growing Into Themselves

All the unpleasant labor undertaken
by those without shoes or hats had to be
hidden between covers.

An appropriate name for an empty store
is SPACE in all caps and outline font
hung on the door carelessly.

Secrets called Blanche and Tony and Chaff
all of value named in single syllable labels
the nobodies in latinate platinum.

Call me stair-sweeper button-pusher
call me the rental man any time night
or day for the right word.

The true name of the old bell tower
at the mission of Santa Catapulta
would be Ray most mornings.

I have spawned more histories than futures
I am spawn of lovers unlisted forgotten
their names sons of someone.

Work kept losing my attention as constancy
kept saying, Son, stay put and spend your youth
under the flag of silly Sol.

The rental man met the woman of definite
transition from evidence to wonderfulness
the pow of the how infinite.

I named you after caravaning my storms
across the great basin and the great range
and back I named you Home.


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