Morn and Eva

Morn of coloration
born of pitched grass
sitting on dry bum
under branching chances
castitude abounds
begin plunking around
smile as total sweep
crim and wet as pup
drizendules so rash
without a like of compassion
critchitore as crown
fingers all astound
squint when anyone
flints an egg of fun
must parcine a walk
wishing prior to talk
no floor no lawn so big
cannot stomp a swig
gliss ago her after
hierole with sceptre
spee spaw kika nin
door drawn opening
spare not a liflum
just the right diadem
sing song in joints
trip wires in bunks
dunwheedle never slow
meters run and don’t know
no inertia this morn
to recently born
pendo like peach bomb
shriffling her tom tom.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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