tethered promises

I saw a boy
hiding in his closet from himself
I sensed a boy
confused about his private places
I heard a boy
breaking ice on a lake by jumping
the boy said
I am a candle looking for conflagration
looking by flickering
the only way a boy knows how

Uphill downstream where the wind
drags gravity against its will
an elephant barking at its own feathers
migratory genes tied and tethered.

The ad says
you know you want what you want
the ad says
start speaking arabic today
no exercises
no drills no books no following orders
the ad said
the car of the future is here now
the ad read
my mind and made all the right

I took a plane and took a beating
legs crooked from too much sitting
at the airport they patted me down
scanned my smile and found a frown.

I had a dream
I could not see below my nose
I had a dream
the sky was like it used to be
in ancient times
and I did not live where I live
I had a dream
I had a career that disappeared
I had a dream
the one who had stopped waiting
was waiting.

Branches broken off my trees
mold growing on my cheese
knees and ankles remembering how to fly
overstuffed chair as forgetful as I am.

to what has driven us out of the homeland
to being too tall for pants and shoes
music blares out of the factory doors
we are steel mills
pouring out the slag of our childhoods
glowing for a while
before becoming ground for the next suburb.

Cities I only know by maps
informants who never play for keeps
pockets as full as washed out corals
green trees surrounding a dug up field.


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