be the world or not

Be the world it commands conformity
hammer each others’ rising heads down
or not if you want trouble. 

Behind every door you see and want to trust
crooks and knaves with knives and schemes
to win be like them but more. 

Spending makes of children shopping soldiers
and fills the freeways with tanks doing battle
with the simple life so pick up a gun.

Science is skewed and politics illogical
lets join a party and rave cavorting
in the nonsensical because that’s the way it is.

Music bland as burgers art as fake as fries
you can be a big success if you close your eyes
follow rule and formula and banish your surprise. 

Slop is the norm and coarse is fine
you can be a part half a thought at a time  
philosophy of mashed potatoes with no gravy.

Look around and notice people hating
loved ones and foreigners with the same venom
post-modern vomit is the new civilization.

The human world as irrational as it is
cannot be saved if you join its
piss drinking cacophony of ego.

Even though the way of worldly impulse
is for all the sheep to slaughter each others’ cattle
a man can still be a man can’t he?

All the integrity in all the little decisions
made by fair and moral men and women
is a work of art inviting your brush.


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