melody like no melody

What sounds like icicles?
D minor sixth
then diminished seventh
one half step down
so complex
see right through
the big ones but in a warm while
they are gone.

Fast as rain
slow as June
mood is sustained
switch it around
melody like no melody (no).

Where does the motion go
gone in a flash
dimenuendo and crescendo
are spent like cash
in one ear
and out the hands
play it again it will become
your friend.

Big surprise
lots of color
aim is disguised
to fool the follower
melody like no melody (no).

What sounds like personal debt
A major thirteenth
pay it off with resolution
remember hell
is paved with
endless pounding
of the obvious two or three
nice sounds.

Spunk two tides
spot one mode
crash on the rocks
remaining fluid
melody like no melody (no).


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