different person


Getting off at every station
a different person than the one fashioned
the one dad anticipated
the one the jungle petrified
the jaguar graduating from cougar school
the catfish at the bottom of the secret pool
the seed born a tree
the antithesis of me
streaming out of the plebian well
from trickle to gush from farm to hell.

Who pays for another person’s unfinished
conflicts with strangers and tarnishing
one pays for the partner’s
mistakes and experiments
the other pays knowing or not for stress
stuck unexplored and unexpressed
smart move to mountain the mole
head up out of the gopher hole
negotiate with both spring and winter
unleash the trash to mulch the planter.

A different person than the one you were
would find the word for this particular
kitchen counter of ingredients
the bowl out of control
flour and fruit and meat and butter
dragged through each other in order
whether recipe or accidental
intentional or penitential
every day you are still here is a statement
parsing depending on oven temperature.

Not as specific as it is forceful
the ever-present nodding reversal
of direction of the cranium
encasing my delerium
directing the step by step absorption
of fantasy into the mature bloodstream
back and forth indicating
denial of vacillating
the one correct way will be validated
the escape route will be palpitated.

Remember the number of times you were alone
you and the ochre tick of time’s drone
in liquid of day’s murk
in morning’s eve of dark
a different person looking wouldn’t sense
the thickness denseness of the hair held up
marking the move from felt
that line invisible to spent
between the subject and object of viewing
between the processed and the ensuing.


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