melody like no melody

Walk with me down the lane to the sheep meadow
where what takes place already has
there is no melody like no melody
its notes the see through parts of green trees
sung by two years olds and cicadas in their sleep
the buildup like mulch makes death worth living
the warmth of it
all the way down
then down.

Come here we want to show you our flair
we have in firm hand an atom bomb
trust in our assuring everyone it’s the only one
we make and break it respecting all the rules
the huff and puff of greatness builds up
out of steady into breakneck crackling
the sound of it
all the way down
then down.

Listen listen and refrain from predicting
you will not get all the parts of the sequence in order
you will not shake as delicately as a dying vibration
you will not stack up my notes into chords like bales
of hay in the barn in preparation for winter
you will not apprehend more or less what was put
into it this melody
like no melody.

Lean over and put a scent into my system
offer the midbrain a lick and it will like it
sweet ripe orange this time instead of lavender
over bourbon and through three temporal lobes
the tiniest drop atomized across Nevada
like a word in a book in the biggest library
the sharp of it
all the way down
then down.

Walk with me down these aisles of ceiling high
goods the thought of the doing without of which
strangles the bomb and the sheep and the oil
of cultivated step by step upwardness
sing with me here and now planted in disaster
flowering anyway into gestures and parables
the cells of it
all the way down
then down.

There was a bar in the basement hotel above
me and the maitre d’ doubted the existence
of neutrons and green and true love
we were young and tall and all the women wanted
to be part of the talk and to stop it
years and many cells of my brain later you
the expanse of you
all the way down
then down.


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