running no stopping

Running no stopping
unheard of limits
pounding out boundaries eh
guitaric invocations
balance of leftist punks
with beer and prayer and found
fundamentals beaded
branded do you make
expensive compromises
compose and orchestrate
extended tailored failures
repentent family intriques
abstract cabbages
stolen filled with hooks
chew and swallow
this is you and us

At the end of this decade
the start of the next one
thrill comes out of when
little children take off circling
no stopping for distraction
past straying memoryless
malifacent melody of if
if tips back and pulls
up the other end of if
the kids squeal knowing
when it comes again
it might knock you off
unless you cheat it
so cheat that phantom saying
it’s gonna get you
like dad used to
at storytime.

Used to be used
in my city when neighbor
hoods meant much more
than this exit or that
a term for people
walking around between
galleries galavanting
wine in hand verbalizing
in consort with art
no spitting no spatting
no sitting no setting
in forced and voluntary
manipulated willingness
to use the eyes
to please please
allow the now to
tattoo your handholding.

Across the street lives
a friend with only one eye
a fight maturing into a passport
hello like jello like downers
immigrants to shun
drug-dealing puppy killers
yuppie loud talkers
a boy screamed at by grandma
bad drivers and strangers
giant sloths long extinct
knowing only what the news
gets across in a poke
in the eye in the sun
buried and dug up wild
in the west where the odd promise
winks at you suggesting
you don’t know.


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