motators game

Motators is a board game of transportation.

To get from one place to another you need a way to go and the means to get you there. In Motators that means you have to lay down the right surfaces and put on them the right motators. But watch out and think ahead. Once you use up one mode of transport, you have to use something else.

Board and Pieces

Two levels make up the Motators board. First is an 7×10 grid of squares, and upon that are laid down colored surfaces that are two-squares in size. Then on top of the surfaces are placed the motators, which are single-square pieces indicating the mode of transportation. Two motators can fit on one surface, either vertically or horizontally. Players start in any corner, and race to the opposite corner of the board.

There are seven surfaces that can get spread around the board: City (Yellow), Road (Orange), Rail (Red), Earth (Brown), Greenlands (Green), Sky (Purple), Water (Blue).  Once they are laid down, they do not move. Motators are moved by each player on the appropriate surfaces (see below). The game has a total of 32 surfaces: 7 yellow cities, 6 orange roads), 4 red rails, 5 brown earths), 4 green areas marking forests and fields, 3 purple skies, and 3 blue waters.

There are eight motators: Truck, Boot, Car, Horse, Train, Bicycle, Boat, Plane. These pieces are various shades of pink, displaying an icon indicating what means of transport is allowed. Each player uses the eight motators that are all of the same shade.

Boots can travel on: Yellow (city), Orange (road), Green (greenlands), and Brown (earth).
Bicycles can travel on: Red (rail), Yellow (city), Orange (roads) and Brown (earth).
Horses can travel on: Orange (road), Green (greenlands), and Brown (earth).
Cars can travel on: Yellow (city), Orange (road), and Brown (earth).
Trucks can travel on: Yellow (city) and Orange (road).
Boats can travel on: Yellow (cites/harbors) and Blue (water).
Trains can travel on: Red (rail) and Yellow (cities/stations).
Planes can travel in: Yellow (city/airports) and Purple (sky).

Yellow (city) allows travel by: everything but Horse.
Orange (road) allows travel by: Boots, Horse, Bike, Car, Truck.
Brown (earth) allows travel by: Boots, Horse, Bike, Car.
Red (rail) allows travel by: Boots, Bike, Train.
Green (greenlands) allows travel by: Boots, Horse.
Blue (water) allows travel by: Boat.
Purple (sky) allows travel by: Plane.

Turns and Rules

On your turn you (1) take the surface piece given to you by your opponent, (2) place it on the board (where it helps you but does not help your opponent(s)), (3) move your motator to any surface that is adjacent to where it was, changing it if necessary to another motator, and (4) select a surface to give to the next player.

Surfaces must be placed on the grid so they do not overlap other surfaces. They can be placed next to existing surfaces, or separated from them; at the top of the board or at the bottom of the board; horizontally or vertically. They may be placed where they can be used immediately, or placed so they can be used later, or placed away from everything else just to get rid of them.

Motators move from surface to surface, not paying any attention to the grid under the surfaces. If there are two motators on one surface, either one of them may be moved to any adjacent surface. If there is only one motator on a surface, one more motator can be added (and it does not matter which side). The type of motator must be appropriate (see the tables above) to the type of surface. For example, you may not travel with a plane on a road, or travel with a truck on greenlands.

When you change your motator (to enable you to move to another surface) the motator you WERE using is removed from the game and cannot be used again in that game. The used motators should be set aside and turned upside down.

The first player to reach the opposite corner of the board is the winner.

A surface may not be played on the last square of the board (the goal) until it is being used to win the game. In other words, players cannot determine beforehand what the winning motator must be.

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