bad leftovers game

Bad Leftovers is a dice game for any number of players.

For two players, use about 20 dice, then add three dice for each additional player in the game. Get paper and pencil for keeping scores. Decide (by shaking dice) who goes first and mark on the scoresheet a “1” next to this person’s name. Turns go to the left, and beside each player’s name, write increasing numbers. The second player to go is “2”, the third player gets a “3”, etc.

Roll all the dice in the center of the table. The first player (who rolled) examines the dice and announces what number (s)he will use to gather dice out of the middle. This number must be from 7 to 12, which are the numbers that can be made by the combination of two dice. Then two dice adding up to this number are taken. Then the next player announces his or her choice (which may be the same) and removes two dice that add up to it. Players keep collecting dice adding up to the same number, throughout the round.

Obviously, players will judge the numbers showing, and claim a two-dice goal that can be made several times, to keep them in the game. If the dice in the center, for example, show lots of sixes, it may be a good idea to claim 12. Or if there are lots of sixes AND fours, claim 10.

In addition, players can choose to take out two dice showing the number that is next to their name on the scoresheet. In other words, if you are the ‘2’ player, you can always take out Double Twos. This option is handy for messing up players going after you. Note that each player has a temporary number they claim for the round, and they have a permanent number that allows them to grab doubles.

Play continues around the table until some player cannot make a play. This player gets stuck with all the remaining points. Add up the numbers still showing and add this to the player’s cumulative score. Points are bad.

Roll all the dice again, claim new numbers for the round, take out pairs, and again give the leftover points to the player who cannot make his or her goal.

When some player’s score reaches 21, they are out of the game and the other players continue until there is a clear winner.

15 September 2010
Copyright by TooToneGames. All Rights Reserved.


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