cool desires alchemy

A cow and a donkey
made up rhetoric
we perfected it.

Faux authentic
over and over the back
front inspired solos.

We love our gusto
there is solomente uno
maybe that’s the problemo.

Intensely superficial
not since the last time
the trends traded places.

With two crisp bills
he bought a priceless
and endless photo of esperanza.

Keeping up her end
he can keep up
his pretending to be one.

A window carelessly open
smelled weighed branches
crash to the ground.

Que quieres ahorita
would it be the same
if you were Ernesto
or Desdemona?

A lady and a lion
extended the stretch
raising the question.

Transposed recursively
about to shatter
someone listened.

The donkey joined the lion’s
circus and the lady
perfected the cow.

Y no sé qué se olvidan y se queda
mal en mis manos, como cosa ajena.
I do not know what it is they forget, and it is
heavy in my hands like something stolen.

[The last stanza from Cesar Vallejo, translated by John Knoepfle, Hortense Carpentier and Janet Brof]

11 September 2010


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