been preached to

A house of dice and cards
a house of more pages than can be sermoned
in a lifetime of tense dawns like this one
starting early make believe bacon
lunch of probabilities and balanced forces
no siesta no there are pyres to stack.

Been preached to haven’t I
been told the way to be made
the way to make it is buy a ticket
open and shut it and rip it up
no seat too still for pacification
arguing gets you kicked off.

Jotting down notes in the back pew
been preached to about that before
a powerhouse the preacher served
a melon into my court
I hit it late straight up
obvious pompous descriptive.

He preached the laces unlaced
preached the bee sting undone unstung
humbly uttered skyscraped pleasers
we were sorry frosting on his cake
tasting we did not dare nibble.

Stick in what it takes
bit of a price but only a little
there it goes pull it back fast
a cut-off finger hurts everything
it touches and is touched by everything
god will not ask of you everything.

Been preached to haven’t you
been told the way to be free
to make the journey cross the bridge
from bank of sorrow to sweet tomorrow
from being alone to being at home
is step off the bus.

Sun down and to go flowers
the straight flat of dusky cheek
on a lost complainer wanting more
quit wiggling sit back
say the quiet choir boys
to the hoarse panting ace.


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