Temperatures flower in weeds of should
should have found the said before the accepted
should have set it up and kept it
under a glass dome like the writers wrote.

Temperatures vacillating yes you know you do
as radically as a woman as wrapped up as a babe
on the back on the breast of this parent or that
the newness of momentarily jumping to your conclusion.

Temperature in the pulse and hot chest
feed them fire but don’t allow them brightness
kept in the various boxes cans and jaws
that keep the cold room livable all winter.

Temperatures hovering around freezing
unmoving but barely to stay alive smooth
like koi under ice riotous colors
all hidden like a heart in a snowman.

Temperatures artificially imposed like a cap
made to wear to knit imaginations in
do this and this and god will warm up to you
thoughts stuffed and left wet in rubber galoshes.

Temperatures written in the biography of words
taken off and left on the porch to dry out
I told you I told you but you wouldn’t listen
stand in the sun a minute then lie down in it.

Temperatures in the language of changes
sixty fifty down into the forties
first day of school in all those grades
what were you going to be someday.

Temperature conceived in a tapping pencil
in an i before e in a swath of sandy
elevating between hay and red arch
teacher says think now that’s enough.

Temperature of a hummingbird’s one hundred hours
the grade of a grasshopper’s three weeks of genius
give yourself credit for song one thousand
feel the walls for signs of life.

Temperatures rising looked up at or not
in the range of walking or brisk swordplay
through the cumulus slightly breezy belly
collecting swelling but too early yet for thunder.

Temperatures sixty eighty ninety
water sounding night and day like busy parsing
all in an up and down circle of elementals
making where you live livable.

Temperatures zero to a hundred in a blink
they say the dead of winter but you see fruit
from childhood promises turn on the stem
gold and purple red with seeds exploding.


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